Treating and Preventing Bad Breath Tonsils

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Tonsil stones are called in many names such as bad breath tonsils, tonsil debris, tonsil cavity, tonsil pearl, and many more. Ultimately, the term bad breath tonsils stuck because one of the major setbacks of having tonsil stones is also to have halitosis or bad breath. Although tonsil stones are generally regarded as completely harmless, these can still be annoying because you will feel that there is a lump at the back of your mouth or in your throat.

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To cure tonsil stones, one must first understand what causes it. This is essential to let you know what to avoid in the future. Tonsils are there to help protect our bodies form the invasion of organisms and bacteria. The tonsils are responsible in trapping bad bacteria and other foreign objects that try to get in the body through the throat. There are crypts or cavities within the tonsil area and when these cavities grow in terms of size, this can become a place to lodge foreign objects. This means that bad bacteria may reside in here and this will cause the tonsil stones.

To cure bad breath tonsils, you simply need a toothbrush to dislodge the tonsil stones and you should be okay, others use cotton swabs and apply pressure in the tonsil to dislodge the tonsil stones. Others may have a lot more difficulty if the tonsil stones are embedded in the throat or in the cavities. Sometimes, people with tonsil stones may need to undergo surgery. There are also times in which you may have swallowed the tonsil stones w ithout even knowing

it. Other times, you may just simply go into a coughing fit and the stones will be coughed out.

To prevent having bad breath tonsils, you need to make sure that you keep a healthy diet, you may need to drink a regular dose of god bacteria that will help you strengthen your immune system. Drink lots of milk, lime, and orange juice.

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