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Home Page > Health > Cure Tonsil Stones for Good Cure Tonsil Stones for Good Posted: Jan 20, 2011 | ]]> For years and years, the recommended and totally irreversible surgical solution of a tonsillectomy was the recommended method for getting rid of tonsil stones. Yet, this also meant you had just lost one of the body’s very important immune system components: Your tonsils. The older you are the more risky this surgery can be as well, so why put yourself through it just to solve a problem of tonsil stones, which actually can be addressed without the loss of body parts!

A tonsillectomy is a serious surgery that is not cheap – and the older you get the more risk there is in getting one. Then there are the costs you will incur: hospital costs, surgery costs, plus your lost work time while you are recovering. Most important: it is not necessary simply because you have suffered from tonsil stones. There are other ways to solve the problems caused by Tonsil Stones.

For those who have never suffered the embarrassment caused by these little white bacteria infested rocks on your tonsils, here’s the info:

Tonsil Stones (scientific name -Tonsilloliths) is the formation of mouth debris and sulphuric bacteria found in your mouth. The debris and bacteria all join together and mold into a smelly ball that sticks into the crevices of your tonsils. They continue to grow, often causing a blockage or restriction in your throat and of course a horrifying odor emits as your breath. An odor most describe as similar to rotten eggs.

You can actually remove and prevent these stones in the comfort of your own home. There is no need to go undergo a tonsillectomy. There are a number of actions you can take to help prevent their return and various foods and oral hygiene steps you can use to help prevent and remove them.

By taking these small daily precautions you can avoid the recurrence of tonsil stones and avoid the horrors of a tonsillectomy.

The tonsils are an important part of the human immune system. The help catch and kill bacteria or viruses in the mouth, helping to prevent infections. In the main, this system works well, however some people are prone to tonsil stones whose scientific name is tonsilloliths. This condition plagues many more people than one might realize.

For those who have larger tonsils than average, the crevices in their tonsils are larger and this bacteria and mouth debris can actually get trapped and begin forming into small whitish or yellowish balls. The mucous and bacteria that are trapped inside may sometimes concentrate, harden and calcify to form tonsil stones.

A person who has a tonsil stone or several tonsil stones will normally suffer from bad breath, sometimes a sore throat, and always visible lumpy white material present at the back of the throat.

The bad breath will smell similar to rotten eggs – this is because there is a high sulfuric content that accompanies the bacteria associated with the tonsil stones. Sulfur compounds are one of the key symptoms.

Almost 70% of the people who have tonsil stones will have the odor.

If the tonsil stones become larger, a person may possibly experience symptoms such as a sore feeling in their throat, but not always. It is important to keep in mind that a sore throat does not necessarily indicate tonsilloliths as it could even result due to a tonsillitis infection.

Other symptoms such as lumpy stuff which is white or yellowish in color may be seen as well. Retrieved from “http://www. articlesbase. com/health-articles/cure-tonsil-stones-for-good-4072597. html

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